Nob Hill - Main Street

Nob Hill is a vibrant hip neighborhood with a rich history, and The Q at Nob Hill puts you right in the middle of the historic Nob Hill neighborhood and all it has to offer.

It’s Albuquerque’s own Main Street, but it also has a broader heritage as a vital link within the legendary Route 66 – the highway that once stretched west from Chicago to sunny California, paving the way for families seeking better fortunes during and after the Great Depression.

Especially after Route 66 was straightened in 1937, nearly all roads westward led smack through the middle of town. Development on Central Avenue mushroomed, with motels and restaurants beckoning hungry, weary travelers with glowing neon signs.

It was during this period that Nob Hill developed into Albuquerque’s first suburb, anchored by WPA projects such as the Monte Vista Fire Station and the State Fairgrounds. Along with restaurants and motels, the area gained a pharmacy, a movie theater, and numerous stores. In fact, shopping took a central role with the construction in 1947, of the Nob Hill Business Center, which remains as one of Nob Hill’s architectural highlights. The center, developed by R. B. Waggoman, was constructed in post-war Streamline Moderne style and held the distinction of being one of the first shopping centers west of the Mississippi to incorporate parking.

Nowadays, much of the traffic that once traveled through the heart of Albuquerque via Route 66 has been diverted to highways such as Interstate 40 with speed limits of 60 and 70 miles an hour. However, Central Avenue and Nob Hill remain where the action is for local residents.

Nob Hill is the place to live in central Albuquerque, and The Q at Nob Hill puts you right there. It’s a neighborhood known for its restaurant and entertainment scene, as well as for being a chic shopping district, with a broad collection of retail establishments.

Men, women, and kids can find stylish apparel at shops such as Retail Therapy, Izzy Martin, and Velocitoddler. Musicians, artists, and crafts types can find everything they need at shops such as Artisan Art Supply, Nob Hill Music, and The Yarn Store. Specialty outlets, such as The Fragrant Leaf – Tea Boutique, and Fixed and Free for cyclists are also plentiful. It’s the perfect neighborhood to walk around, explore, and discover all that it has to offer – all just steps from your front door.

When you live at The Q at Nob Hill, shopping, culture, and historic charm are just around the corner.

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