To Rent or to Buy? Be Budget Friendly

  A monthly mortgage payment is often higher than the monthly rent. Most of it goes to pay bank interest on the property, rather than reduce your debt. The costs of relocation, as previously mentioned, are significantly lower for renters. Further, a homeowner is...

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To Rent or to Buy? Save your Savings

  Renting has significantly lower upfront costs than buying. Prospective homeowners are traditionally required to provide at least a 3.5% - 10% of purchase price as down payment. It takes time and hard work to amass that amount of money, and if and when you do, you...

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To Rent or to Buy? Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

  People who rent have more time for quality lifestyle activities both on - and off - the premises, while homeowners may spend that valuable time on maintenance & repair of their home. The Q offer their residents amenities, such as fitness centers and pools, right at...

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