To Rent or to Buy? Let the Landlord Handle It


A lot of time and money goes into maintaining a home, from yard work to doing repairs and regular maintenance. Large capital improvements also need to be done on a home, like a new roof every 10 years, and replacing stucco walls, repainting, and flooring every 10-15 years.

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As a homeowner, you’re responsible for all of the repairs and maintenance. But as a renter, you just call the manager when your faucet leaks, not a plumber. That leaves you free to do what you like with your time and money. Renting provides a peace of mind

The landlord typically has contracts in place with qualified, licensed plumbers, electricians, and the likes. In contrast, homeowners face tremendous difficulty in finding repair professionals they actually trust. Surely, you’ve heard many stories of owners being swindled by an unreliable Mr. Fixit.

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