Joey Smith - Person of the Quarter

One Saturday, I joined our very dedicated maintenance manager on a work order call, which I occasionally do as an owner of the Q. That’s when I met our resident Joey Smith in his apartment. My eyes were immediately awakened to a hidden treasure: a series of remarkable, captivating paintings hanging neatly on his living area’s walls. Turns out they are all Joey’s own creations. When I asked him where he exhibits, he told me he creates them for the love of creativity, and has not yet shared them in a public venue. How exciting for me to have stumbled upon a hidden treasure!

When we later asked Joey for a brief bio for our Person of the Quarter series, he provided the text below. I usually do a little edit of the bios we get for this series, but Joey spoke with such an authentic voice that I’m including it verbatim. I’ll just add that through his art, his age is indeed immortal:

Name: Joey

Age: Immortal

I am a jeweler by trade, and an artist by nature. Moved to ABQ to advance my career, and improve my skillset as a jeweler.

I’m inspired by all things dark. Darkness is my comfort zone. Living in this community has been wonderful. The colorful aesthetic is comforting, and I enjoy how peaceful it is here.